Spring! Best time of the year in the Netherlands

I really like these spring months, April and May. It starts already a bit in March with a bit of luck.


Going trough my photos of this period in the Netherlands show also snow sometimes or very dreary weather but I seem to remember mostly the flowers, the beautiful skies. The fresh, light green leaves. Lambs in the fields etc.

Field trips in spring

A few years ago I went with Andries to the Keukenhof. As a kid I had been there many times as we lived close by. I think my father thought that after our stay in Indonesia he wanted to make sure we would learn to recognize the Dutch spring flowers. So as a good child of my father I also wanted to show my husband the flowers. We went on a day during the week as  I do not like busy places and had beautiful weather. It is such a nice garden, with a beautiful layout. I really understand why it is so popular with foreign tourist but am a bit sad that a lof Dutch people would never consider to go there because they think it is something for tourists and not locals.


Spring in our own Garden

It is always the seaon of hope, everything will be ok and let’s make something of this year. Every year I try to do something nice with the garden without spending too much money. I have never succeeded very well. In the first years it was the kids that happily would trample the little delicate flowers and the last two years our rabbit likes to eat everything. Some of it is good as it saves in trimming (he absolutely loves Ivy!) but it also sad as there were no crocus flowers this year only really neatly trimmed crocus leaves. Daffodils have completely disappeared but snow bells were abundant this year.


Bird life

The birds are extremely loud in the morning this time of they year. Even where we are, in the middle of the city, a big chorus starts so around 5 am in the morning. I usually travel very early during the week and really enjoy walking to the station with the loud noices of the birds while walking through a city. As if they want to show that the city also belongs to them. Last year we had a nest of robins in the wall of the house and the fledglings a morning in our garden. We tried to keep all the cats, magpies and jays out of our garden but I do not think they all survived. Hopefully they will try again this year.

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