Kindle or paper book?

Paper books?

Do you still read paper books? It is, for me, amazing to see how many people still read real books in the train. And not just paperbacks but real, thick, proper books. It would not be an option for me. It is simply too bulky and heavy to lug around. I already have my laptop, coffee (extremely important) and my lunch. A book would be way to heavy.
Don’t get me wrong I really love books and love reading from paper it is just not practical. I used to spend a lot of time reading cookbooks. Yes, reading them as a novel. But nowadays the paper books that I read are the ones that I read to the kids. I still read to them in the evening (both a different book).


But for myself, my kindle is the only book I read. It is so handy and compact. I love reading thick books with long stories that span different generations. With the Kindle this is never a problem.  Reading in bed is very easy, I can read in bed without glasses by just making the letters bigger. No need for lights as it has a back-light. When my book is finished I can just get another one wherever I am. If there is none on the kindle that I want to read I can go to my amazon library or even buy a book using the build in 3g. I tend to read a lot more books as they are so readily available. If you look around there is a lot of sales especially of new authors. So very often I buy a book for 99 cents or a little more.

Is it all good?

Of-course there is a downside of it. To hold a real book especially when you are starting a new book cannot be replaced by the kindle. Often with the specials of new authors the books have sequels that need to be bought at the regular price so I have read all these basically half stories. I love going in to book stores and libraries but I don’t go very often anymore and I think that way I miss a little bit about what are good new books. With the Kindle you get suggestions but they are made by an algorithm and not by a person.

The one thing that I dislike most, is the morning that you sit in the train with your coffee and want to start reading the new book you just chose and the battery is empty. This is purely my own doing as I don’t check often enough how full the battery is. If you do not use the automatic lighting options on your kindle the battery can last for a week so it is easy to avoid having empty batteries but it still happens.

Overall I am very happy with my kindle and will keep on using it for while…

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