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Homework for 8 year olds?

I am a bit surprised that the kids here in the Netherlands (maybe elsewhere as well) get homework when they are in their 3rd real school year (group 5). In the beginning as a parent I was a bit reluctant to tell Niene to do her homework. Don’t get me wrong it is not much and not often but still. I did notice however that she performed sufficient at the tests about the homework but not with very high marks This is mainly spelling and a bit of history and now geography.

Niene said she was not to happy with the test result so I suggested that I tried to help her…

How to teach a visual thinker to learn by hart?

I am a bit of a visual thinker myself and do remember that I struggled extremely in university because I never learned how to learn by hart in high school. I did not have to study, I could scrape by with doing virtually nothing.

So Niene and I together tried to figure out a method to study. The test was about history. Basic history still, she is only 8 years old. Romans and Germans in the Netherlands was the subject. We started to draw a timeline. First I thought we would mark all the events on the timeline that we could find in the text. But there were not many events. It was easier to draw everything we thought was specific to the textbook and the history lesson and write one or two words underneath it. She really enjoyed it. Maybe also because the week before I got her a box of fineliners and this was a good way to use it.

It took us an hour to create her “cheat-sheet”.  Over the weekend we did try and recap what was in the picture and she seemed to be rather confident.

The result this time was good, I mean she had a good mark but she also enjoyed studying. Next one was geography and not sure why but we did not do that well with the drawing even when it is my profession. But I am sure that we have started something that hopefully will help her with her studies later on.

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