Macro photography with a point and shoot camera

For the past maybe 10 years I have been playing with macro photography. But I am not someone who likes to study the subject. Or use tripods, wait for the right light etc. I just like to look around me while I sit in the garden, or am on a walk, or even sitting in the train and seeing a nice little detail. I like to take the photo there and then at the moment I see the subject of the photo. A true point and shoot photographer is what I am.



my first attempt at macros with a canon Ixus 750

Digital photography

The digital age in photography made my life a lot easier. You can take 10 photos of the same subject and hope a good one is among them. It made me a bit lazier as well, you don’t have to think you can just press the button any time and throw it away if it did not come out as you thought. Macro photography started for me in this era. Usually with my own little cameras like the Canon Ixus family and later also the G10.  Sometimes I use Andrew’s big Canon camera with a dedicated macro lens but to be honest it is already a big hassle for me.


pohutakawa from up close trying different angles


I think flowers an sometimes insects are very grateful subjects for macro photography. New Zealand is a macro heaven for people like me. There are so many interesting leaves, flowers, rocks to take photos of and somehow the sky is always a nice color for photography.


insects are also fun nikau palm

Smartphones and macro photography

And now with the smart phones. It makes that I take a lot of pictures but I don’t really take a camera with anymore and even though the smart phones get better and better they are not really good for macro photography yet. This is not due to lack of trying, I do try all the time but it never comes out the way I think it would.


flower at sea using the big camera

Kids and photography

Caspian has for a while shown some real interest in taking photos and it is always really nice to see what children take photos of and what they are interested in. At my mum’s place he is always allowed to use the tripod and video camera but usually takes photos. Also in our house he has used my digital camera’s more than I have and he uses a tripod very often. These are some examples from his photography



Flickr as a social media platform

I have been sharing my photos on flickr since 2004 and until 2011 used it as a social platform. There I would meet people with the same interest who were living half the world away from where I  was but I also joined so called flickr meet up’s. I think it was, and in some form still is a very nice way to meet people.  A place to get inspiration for photography. And to get and give feedback on photos taken.


using a phone trying the iphone

The last few years other tings needed my attention. So I will go on and start making more photos again when the kids and the job do not need my constant attention anymore……

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