“All you can eat” restaurants a silly invention, a rip off or here to stay?

For the past few years here in Deventer more and more “all you can eat” restaurants pop up. First it was mostly Sushi and Japanese but it was followed with more styles. I guess it might be old news already in a lot of parts in the world but here in Deventer is it still upcoming.

I am still not sure if I like the concept. We have tried a few, with and without children.

Sushi is nice for the whole family

The first one we tried was the sushi place (YuMe) and I think that is a nice concept. I really like the idea that you get fined if you don’t eat what you order. That way there is no spillage. The food is very good in both restaurants in Deventer and the service usually very friendly. Or course also here we have had some issues when we wanted a jug of water on the table but that was sorted soon enough. If it is very busy the chef does not like it when you have “special” requests like no mayonnaise but overall we all like going there. Price wise it always looks very expensive but when you go during the week it is actually not too bad, for the quality of food you get.

Before this one we actually had a very nice place we went to rather frequently which is a friendly Chinese buffet restaurant that also does wok-dishes. This was so nicely priced always and if we would go early, the kids could always play and run around because most visitors come a lot later. Service was always very good and it was definitely the favourite of our kids. Sadly they don’t have this anymore during the week and the prices have gone up really a lot for the weekends.


A few weeks ago Andrew and I tried the “Cuban” version of this concept (La Cubanita). This one has a nice atmosphere and is extremely busy in the weekend. It has a bit of a tapas concept but not with Cuban food, at least, I think it is not. More like a combination of Spanish food and Dutch versions of tapas. It would have been very nice if everything was a cooked a bit less. Maybe they are in a bit over their head. Too many people and too much food to be cooked. You can basically keep on ordering non-stop, there is no clear rounds so at a certain point you also don’t know if you had everything you ordered and if the food they put on your table is actually something  you ordered. Staff is friendly, but very young.

We still have to try one called A1 restaurant which is supposed to be very nice for children. But we hesitate all the time because of the costs.

I think  it is alright if it is a bit pricey but only if the quality of the food is really good like YuMe. Overall it is very nice to go to these places with children as it is informal, not too long waits and lots of little dishes.

It will be interesting to see if it still exists in 10  years time……..

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