Another winter in Deventer

This is our 6th winter in The Netherlands.

Every year I dread the darkness and every year on the 1st of January I think it will be spring soon. I have noticed that it does not matter if it is a cold winter or a very warm winter, it is the darkness that I dread.

We have had a few winters with a lot of rain and they are the worst. It is hard to go outside if it is raining so you don’t even notice the little day light that is there. A thing that I always tell foreigners (I don’t count myself a foreigner being brought up here more or less) to go outside in winter even if the weather is horrible so that at least you see the day a bit. But truthfully I find it hard to keep my own advice.

It is not all gloom and doom.

Of course there are the nice things. Sinterklaas, Christmas and usually a good few days with beautiful light and photo opportunities. This winter has been not too bad to be honest with a lot of clear blue skies but still I won’t mind if it it is over.

Winter 2017 Deventer

Our children are both very different. As a little boy Caspian always needed to go outside at least once a day. I would go outside with him for a walk, he on his balance bike and me on foot. It could rain, snow, it could be dark it would not matter, he had to go outside.

Winter 2017 Deventer

This year after the first snow he does not want to go outside, he rather stays in, says it is too cold. Niene, however, never thinks it is too cold outside.

She loves the ice, snow, cold, everything. For her winters can be even longer.

Winter 2017 Deventer

She and her friend made an “ice track” in school where they could play, but it was right on the path to the door so a bit dangerous but she was furious when someone after a few days put salt on to get rid of the ice.
Today is again one of those blue sky days but even when it is pretty while looking out of my office window in the attic I can’t wait for spring to start…….

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  1. Donker is inderdaad het ergst. Opstaan in donker hoeft gelukkig niet meer en mijn hart maakte een sprongetje bij het zien van een veld met paarse crocussen. Spring is coming.
    Moest denken aan sommige expats in Jakarta die homesick waren door gemis aan jaargetijden. Heb ik nooit gehad…

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