Winter in Deventer

Winter came early this year with lots of beautiful but cold vistas.

I did try to take some photos.

First from the window of the most beautiful spot in the house, my office…. I had to open the window ofcourse to get a better results and that was rather cold but it was still very pretty.

Lebuines church looming through the mist
The sun is there...
After that I did go out for a little walk just before the fog completely lifted. We were left with a beautiful day.

deventer mist sun 2012

In the distance here you can see the mill and the other bridge. It was so amazing that both fog and sun played a role in this almost painting like view.

Train on the bridge

How lucky can you be that at that moment a train passes the bridge and with the yellow and blue colours of the NS trains it made it even more striking.

Sunny or mist....
Later on we had some snow as well but unluckily I have not pictures from the snow..

The sun is there...
Just one more when the sun came out……


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