An eventful day…

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday but also Niene’s first official swimming lesson. Andrew took her to Twello. It was a bit hectic because lessons started at 3.45 and school ends 3.30. The pool is in a different town, about 8 km from us but on the other side of the river…
They made it… Niene really enjoyed the class and thursday she will go again for her second lesson. Mums and dads are not allowed close to the pool but are outside behind a glass wall.
At the same time I had to take Caspian to plunket for his “I am two years old” check. They check the body posture, eyes, motoric skills etc… He was a bit of a show off by telling the lady that the nose on the handpuppet was not only a nose but a triangle….. He also started to do the games for the 3 and 4 year olds and chatted happily with the lady so she said we can enroll him in primary school….
On the way back home (on the bike…) we were almost blown of the road as the first autumn storm had arrived but we made it in one piece and more or less dry..
On to my my mum’s birthday. We live so close now so we will go even if she does not want to celebrate…. Andrew cooked our meal there and were about to have dinner when Caspian started crying while playing with Andrew and he was really sad….did not want to use his arm anymore….. We waited for 5 or 10 minutes or so but it was still sore… Phoned the gp office and we could come to the emergency gp post….
That was a real good experience. We did not have to wait long at all. Just before we were called in a lady came out with a girl all happy. She had the same thing as Caspian probably had, we thought. A dislocated elbow. Dr had it pushed back in and it was over.
Our Dr was a very friendly lady. She tried very gently to push the elbow back in and when I told her the story of the little girl, she decided to get that Dr in and let him try. And it was done in a a few seconds. Caspian even managed a thank you to the Dr….
One minute later and he was playing all happy using his arm again.
We went back to my mum’s place and had a very nice dinner, well deserved…

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