Taking a break……and some dolphins

Well, we took a well deserved break….. At the moment we are in Curacao, a nice little island in the caribbean. We have been here before and are staying now at Jan Thiel in Morena resort. Supposedly a eco and child friendly place but with both concepts they have some learning to do. Lots of birds around the house though and nice and private. Pool close by and the beach also just a stroll away.

So that is what we do, relax, sit a the pool, go to the beach and eat spare ribs……


Yesterday we were very active and went with the kids and my mum, who is with us here on the island, to Boca Tabla. The northern side of the island where the waves beat the coast in a nice display. The kids were not too much impressed but did enjoy driving the car…..

We had lunch at the (in)famous Jaanchi’s. You can still hear the story of Mr Jaanchi about the chicken with little flight hours and the leguano stew for vitamin L of Love. But what was different was that the food arrived within 10 minutes! Food was nice and the kids got an icecream as a treat from Mr Jaanchi. After that we drove on the south side of the island. The rain lulled the kids to sleep and we decided to go to Santa Martha, Coral Cliff. But what a sad experience. It is still a magical spot but the hotel has gone bankrupt and it has been looted so the whole place is rather desolate. The beach is still there but it is disappearing. We had a good look around and collected some samples of cora (Niene did mostly)

Today we were supposed to have a dolphin encounter at 11. Well planned just before Caspian’s afternoon nap. But unfortunately after a lot of waiting we were told the dolphins would not be ready before 12.15. It was around 1 pm we were finally going in the water. It was really a lot of fun. Allowed to pet them give them a kiss and hug them. Both kids really liked it and it was worth the wait.


Corrie cuddles Pascu

Andrew kissing Pascu

Caspian trying to kiss Pascu

Niene is being kissed by Pascu

Being kissed by Pascu

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