Building not breaking…

Well, after some issues with Lientje (our provider) and a new wordpress version I am back on track!

Last weekend we have been very busy. Onno en Tiemen came to help us and put up some walls on the first floor again.

Because the walls are so high it was decided to put some extra wood inbetween the framework so that the insulation material won’t just slide down to the bottom. Poor Onno had to saw most of the gibboard but it looks amazing now


.Andrew was buys with the electrical stuff. The whole house needs to be rewired so that is a massive job. It also makes the house a very dangerous place because he keeps on opening floorboards everywhere

I was busy on the attic. I wanted to start painting the kidsroom. So that at least their rooms are finished when we move in. But I hat not calculated to be so busy with the prepairing. I took the floor mats out of all rooms in the attic and some of it was very old. One room had at least 4 layers of mats on top of each other each one filthier than the previous one.


I looked like I had worked a day on Motutapu working gorse!

But at least Niene’s room has been sanded and is now ready for some paint and Caspian’s room has been stripped from the old wallpaper that was nailed to a wooden wall. I still have to take out the thousand and something nails that have been used.

All in all it was a very productive saturday.

This week, the guys from Haafkes and Assendorp started working again after their christmas break and coming weekend we will start painting and who knows put up some more walls together with Onno, Guido and Erica

And a picture of downstairs with a makeshift kitchenisland:

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