New windows just before the new year


The building has really begun. The men of Renster Venster have delivered all the new dubble glaze windows for the front, one for the back and two on the top floor. They work really quick and now (the 30th) almost all the work is done on the windows.

Andrew has demolished the old chimney so the stove can go under it and together with Pieter they also took out the old build in cubboard in the future guest room.


Today Folkert, Michiel, Pieter and Andrew are going to put the new electrical wiring in. The neighbours will be a bit happier with that because ofcourse it is not really quiet at a time between Christmas and New Year

We are still struggling with the design for the kitchen. We want it to be a central part of the house as it is always the place where people seem to gather. But as it is an old house we would also want it to fit the old place with the high ceilings etc.

 A few more photos will be posted as we are already a bit further again….but somehow our hosting company does not like the new wordpress photo upload tool……..



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