Walls made out of straw and plaster..

Last weekend was not really a big success. We had a gastro virus running through the family and basically everywhere where Capsian went…… But we managed to get a lot of the old wall paper off and and very old windshield (glass) outside. I think it is time we start building.


We wanted to take out the fireplace and chimney where the new stove will be but it seems that this is the most solid wall of the whole building   🙂

The big crack in the wall has been filled

So after taking off all the black marble and having it stored in the cellar we decided that the contractor can cut of a piece of the chimney so the new stove can be placed under it.

The walls in the new bathroom seem to be the original walls (inner dividing walls) but these are actually made out of a very light frame of small pieces of wood and straw and plaster. So not really good material to put up the bathroom equipment. Luckily the contractor knows these type of old houses and he has a solution for it.

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