Christmas market in Deventer

The weekend before Christmas Deventer holds Dickens festival in a very small part of the city. About 1000 actors will roam around and play their Dickensonian part. Flocks of sheep go through the city and chestnuts are sold.

Unluckily 120000 people came and wanted to watch over 2 days. We decided that the waiting rows were too long for the kidlets and gave it a miss but we did go for a walk in the rest of the city and have a look at the IJssel as it is rising every day.

The Brink (the market place) had an area with animals and both Caspian and Niene got to meet a camel and the sheep who came to say hello to the rest of the animals.

Niene ready to climb in the animal yard.....
"Hello, Mr Camel"
Caspian and the sheep
Niene is herding the sheep.
Niene herding the sheep

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