Update on GvB 55 11-12-2011

We are now three weeks into the renovation of the GvB 55. We had a bit of a break due to Sinterklaas but went full on the last week. Most of the breaking work has been done and upstairs there is now the biggest toilet space ever.
Big toilet space

View from the toilet


The dividing walls of the back rooms and the big front room and back room have been gone. And the only working toilet is in this space. It is a very odd experience using the toilet up there.

Upstairs is one big room


Downstairs the old kitchen has been completely stripped also of the chimney. The old guest toilet has gone as well and we filled another container with rubble.
The new bathroom

The sunroom has been stripped of its floor and has reveiled some rotten beams underneath and an outerwall that has completely detached itself from the main building. It will be some extra work to get this fixed. The contractors have dug an immense hole to have a look at the foundation of the sunroom. That is really interesting and I would like to have a look myself, who knows what we will find in artefacts…..
The sunroom with no floor

A hole in the floor of the sunroom

The house is build on an old canal that has been filled up so there has to be lots of interesting stuff in the ground. But I must say that I will also be happy when the wall is fixed and the floor levelled.

The coming two weeks the contractors will be busy with just that. Also the big tear in the wall between us and the neighbour is going to be fixed now.

We are trying to decide on the kitchen. We have decided to put it in the old dining room and sunroom and have dining room in the old kitchen. Mostly because nowadays we mostly live in and around the kitchen it and the old dining room and sunroom are very nice spaces. There are a few option but all have their pros and cons so it is hard to decide what the best option is.


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