The breaking has started

After friday, where Andries took out the kitchen so the builders could place the supports for the wall that was to be demolished, our friends came on Saturday to break down the wall and break some other things. The aim was to fill up the container.

That has happened. When I arrived there to bring lunch, it was a very noisy house I came to. It was also very dusty and it was hard to recognize everyone.
Michiel and Andries busy with the kitchen wall
Michiel and Andries were busy trying to drill through the old kitchen wall. Erica, Guido and Pieter were attacking the floor in the lounge. Onno and Ties were busy dismantling the old bathroom upstairs.

Onno demolished the bathroom......

Tom came as well to give a hand with the floor

Pieter, Guido and Tom busy with the wooden floor..

Erica tackling the floor..

 The wall is out....

There is a hole in the wall!

The day was a success and we are very grateful for all the help we had.

This weekend we will have a break as Sinterklaas is arriving……..


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