Graaf van Burenstraat 55… a start

Well, it is done. We bought the house and have the keys in our possesion. The deed was sealed with a lovely champagne brought by the previous owners’ family.

The house is in Graaf van Burenstraat in Deventer. A lovely old street hugging the river IJssel and the old city centre. The house itself is build in 1887 and does need a bit of attention.

We have big plans for the renovation and have started with friends yesterday to make these reality.

But first some pictures of the house as it was a few days ago.


One of the old fireplaces with marble around it. The tiles aren’t tiles…..they are stickers…


The room as it was before we moved in. The ceilings are really amazing.


This is the back of the house. It has a lovely deep garden facing South East (for the northern hemisphere that is just perfect.).

Well these are only just a few photos. The next blog post will start with the renovation as we started already last weekend with the breaking…… Pictures to follow

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