Summer in Deventer

A new start? Who knows. I have updated wordpress so am ready to go again.

We are at the end of our first summer in Deventer. Not that much summer I have to admit now…

But as you can see on this photo, we did have some nice days and enjoyed our new surroundings.

We live very close to the city centre and this river beach on the other side of the river is about 30 minutes walk or a 15 minute walk and a ferry ride of a minute.

There is lots of stuff happening in Deventer and now Caspian is getting a little bigger we should be able to go away a bit more often for a whole day.


So who know new stories will come up here on this renewed blog more often…

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  1. It is a lovely city with lots of character and beautiful buildings… I am sure that we will have lots of fun in and around Deventer.

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